Founded in Toronto, Canada in the 80s,
hiver co is a premium outerwear brand that prides itself on the
mastery of Canadian craftsmanship in winter down jackets. 
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hiver co story stargazing
Have you ever been on a stargazing excursion in Canada?
Our family has and we are in love with it ever since. Inspired and captivated by the beauty of the Northern skyline, our logo badge design expresses our passion for conserving our nature.
We strive for a sustainable production, less pollution so that we can truly see a dark night sky.
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hiver co about us craftsmanship canada
hiver co merges high quality, timeless design and made-in-Canada savoir faire into every single piece of our products. 
Craftmanship is in our blood.  For 40 years, our teams of artisans have built
countless pieces of garments in our factory based in Toronto, Canada. 
We take pride in our roots, our expertise and our quality.
 hiver co story
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